My name is Caodan Tran, but I go by Cao (prounounced K.O. like “Knockout”) and I am first generation Vietnamese American. Born in Southern California, and raised in North Texas by immigrant parents and a brother and sister who are 10 and 8 years older than me, respectively. My first job was the graveyard shift at Buzzbrew’s Diner located off of N Central Expressway 75 in Dallas, Texas. From then on, I have held a variety of positions at a variety of establishments. I fell in love with being a part of the dining experience and never really left the service industry.

My passion and love for food has always been there, but my desire to cook and create is, and will always be, in a developmental process. It gives me an opportunity to express myself, hold on to a culture I feel so closely connected to, while assimilating to a culture I was born into. My style of cooking evolves with my interests and lifestyle, and is ever changing because I enjoy exploring and experimenting with food.

I currently live in Oak Cliff with my husband, Zach Wilkins. He is my forever team mate and we are having a great time creating a life together. I am still finding my true calling for this lifetime, but I am making sure to eat great food, have fun, grow as a human being, and collect stories along the way.



Personal Chef | Content Creator

Dallas, Texas



Food and Menu Consultant

Houndstooth Coffee Sylvan30 Dallas, Texas



Craft Cocktail Bartender

FT33 Restaurant Dallas, Texas



Expeditor/Food Runner

FT33 Restaurant Dallas, Texas



Nanny/In Home Chef

Dallas, Texas



Server/Bartender/Pantry Cook

FINO Restaurant (Now Closed) Austin, Texas




Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill Dallas, Texas