31 Before 31

I am sure that most people have mapped out a bucket list or two in their heads and probably in writing somewhere at some point in their lives. The checklist usually has grandiose things to do before one dies, and I certainly have one with big goals, but we forget about the small, seemingly insignificant things that need to be checked off just as badly. Like being kissed in the rain or trying a particular food for the first time!

Every year for my birthday, I decide I need to accomplish X (the age I will be turning) amount of things before my next birthday (August 29).

The only criteria is that it is something I have never done before. In any capacity. They are generally not planned out, but can be predicted based on tentative plans (i.e., travel and required duties). If I fall short as my birthday approaches, I can attempt to execute a "I really want to do that in the near future" activity.

This year, I will be documenting my list and providing commentary when appropriate/applicable.

  1. Mexico City
  2. Couple's trip
  3. Climbed Pyramids (Teotihuacan)
  4. Drank Pulque
  5. Ate chapulines
  6. Drove a Nascar
  7. Dyed hair [partially] green
  8. Walked out on a job (selling cars is like selling your soul)
  9. Went paddle boarding
  10. Podcast interview
  11. Vinyl Wrapped a Car
  12. Licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance
  13. Vegan for more than a month
  14. Intermittent fasting for a week
  15. Yellow Stripe belt in Taekwondo 1 March 2018
  16. Write a monetary contract for Pre Arranged Funeral Services
  17. Iceland
  18. See a puffin (Eat a puffin*)
  19. See Northern Lights
  20. Hike a glacier
  21. Go to a volcano (volcano crater*)
  22. Drove a manual transmission car in foreign country
  23. Camp at Turner Falls, OK
  24. Touch a dead body
  25. Visited Bonnie AND Clyde's graves
  26. Gave in and joined Planet Fitness
  27. Wrote a bad Google review
  28. Denver, Colorado
  29. Estes Park, Colorado
  30. Drink at the Stanley Hotel
  31. See a bear and/or moose in the wild

"I Really Want to Do That In The Near Future" List:

  • Run a 5K backwards: I really dislike running, and running backwards is probably one of my favorite things to do during a workout so that led to me wondering if I could do that for a whole 5K. I think I can. I may have to wear one of those helmets with a mirror attached so I can see where I'm going, but that will not deter me in the slightest.
  • Transition to a uniform style wardrobe: I love clothes and fashion to a certain extent, but I find it distracting most of the time so I would like to transition to a uniform and purchase a few of the same things to rotate. I would literally have to wear the same thing everyday depending on the season. Hats, scarves, jackets, shoes, and accessories can vary.
  • Ride a horse: it's not that I fear the idea of riding a horse. I have never had the opportunity and Zach may actually be allergic to them, so it has been delayed even further. Apparently he took a girl on a date to Medieval Times and his throat closed up. He has not tested this perceived allergy since. I also have not been to Medieval Times, so that is definitely on the list but who knows when we can go after his episode.
  • Learn how to proficiently drive a manual transmission: I am SO embarrassed about this one. I have always wanted to learn and I technically know how to drive one in my mind, but I have never tested my skills outside of a parking lot. We rented a manual transmission for Iceland, so I can burn out the clutch on a rental versus Zach's beloved M3.
  • Belt in Tae Kwon Do: I missed out on marital arts as a kid and still want to learn. Plus, I have to transfer my "passionate" energy somehow.
  • Obtain a CHL: I just like to learn how to do things.
  • Learn how to do the splits: I played sports growing up, missed out on martial arts, and never took dance classes. I hate yoga and have never been flexible, but would like to be able to do the splits one day. You're welcome, Zach.
  • Sew (with a machine) a whole outfit myself: because being completely self sufficient is the ultimate goal in life. Plus, I think my outfits would be pretty fire and cozy AF.
  • Get a colonic: I read one time that there is 5 lbs of fecal matter in your colon before receiving a colonic. What an easy way to lose 5 lbs, right?
  • Get a professional facial: I can barely manage to wash my face every single day. I have never prioritized getting a professional facial but would like one.
  • Prepare an at home seafood tower: because, treat yoself. At home. In a bathrobe.